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Europe’s largest and most agileprovider of CERT expertise

The ECSG is an expert consortium of like-minded, independent cyber security firms across Europe dedicated to reducing cyber risk and improving cyber defense through direct services and expert advocacy. The ECSG is a not for profit foundation based in the Netherlands. Cyber security is what we breathe and live every day; it’s not work, but a way of life. As independents, the only people we serve are our clients, whose security we take as seriously as our own.

Seeing the cyber security threat horizon morph and accelerate, while helping organizations both public and private as they struggle to respond, we decided to join forces for the common good. With more than 600 experts, the ECSG is now effectively the largest European provider of CERT Computer Emergency Response – services. By working together, we each bring our own firms’ uniqueness to the table to deliver faster and more complete solutions in agile ways that a single, large organization simply cannot.

93% of large corporations and 76% of small businesseshad a cyber security breach in the past year

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we Prevent, contain and resolve cyber security breaches

While every country in Europe has an agency dedicated to the mission of securing its electronic borders, seamless cooperation among countries is rare, making efforts to protect citizens and organizations and to prosecute criminals difficult. By harnessing complementary expertise and thought leadership through partnership and advocacy, the ECSG seeks to combat these challenges with our combined strength and individual experience.

Specific Emergency Response: By tackling Computer Emergency Response (CERT) engagements collaboratively, we are able to offer the most comprehensive and rapid services for our corporate and government clients. Our members work independently – and can draw from additional and specialised resources from their ECSG partners where and when needed. Relying on this added “bench strength” ensures successful CERT engagements of any scale.

Expert Cyber Security Advocacy: As an independent organization, we can use our collective, front-line experiences to advise governments, corporations and regulators on more effective and practical cyber defense policy issues, risk prevention and mitigation practices and cross-border information sharing.

as of january 2012, only 26% of entreprises in the EUhad a formally defined ICT security policy

Our services

While a digital crime is the exception for your organization or third-party service provider, for us, it’s business as usual.

Cutting through the seeming chaos of a security breach from perpetrators who seem invisible and anonymous, ECSG Members’ CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) services bring professional calm and passionate expertise to act and recover quickly, decisively and correctly —anywhere in the world. We assemble seasoned teams who address every aspect from technical forensics to stakeholder engagement to:

More than 1 million people become victims of cyber crime every day